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Improve Your Gut Health

Gut health is critical, and its effects far-reaching. We’ve all experienced the discomfort of indigestion and acid-reflux – even the occasional stomach ache. When you think of the role that digestion plays in daily life, those adverse, uncomfortable events tend to come to mind. But the integrity of your digestive system plays a far greater role in regulating health and wellness than merely alerting you to sickness.

Consider that your digestive system is an intricate, expansive network of organs that hosts anywhere from 10 to 100 trillion bacterial cells; these bacterial cells are known as the human microbiome. This cellular army is responsible for far more than aiding in the breakdown of food. The human microbiome plays a vital role in nutrient utilization, immune functioning, and overall cellular and bodily performance.

When gut health isn’t functioning optimally, you may experience problems ranging from: higher susceptibility to colds and illnesses, heightened inflammatory response to digestive pathogens, and potential overuse injuries. Poor gut health can also adversely impact exercise performance, as the body tends to divert blood flow from skeletal muscle to the digestive system to help the body process digestive load. With all of this in mind, we sought to design a protein that wouldn’t just digest easily, but that would enhance and improve digestion.

Moreover, TrueFit was designed with only the highest quality, micro-filtered whey protein to assure for protein purity. To aid in its digestion, we also added a 8 grams of fiber from real whole foods. A common dietary adage is that for every 100 calories consumed, one should intake approximately 1 gram of fiber. So, given that TrueFit has a mere 160 calories per serving, its 8 grams of fiber make it a digestive power-house – but the gut health benefits don’t end there.

TrueFit was also designed with over one-billion complementary digestive enzymes and probiotics. These digestive aids help the body break down and absorb food properly. Specifically, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, is commonly found in yogurt, which is what gives yogurt its famed gut health properties, further promoting healthy gut bacteria.

Ultimately, a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of fiber, fruits, and vegetables is necessary for attaining a healthy gut. However, when you’re on the go, or simply don’t have time to eat fibrous, whole foods, TrueFit is a wonderful cornerstone of a wholesome, gut-friendly diet.

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