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XTRIM Dura Belt X-Wide-Croco Leather

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X trim Gym Belts have 3 layers of natural leather. The top layer enhances aesthetics of the belt, the middle layer provides adequate strength and moisture absorption/breathable characteristics, and the bottom layer offers comfort and skin protection. The luxury foam-padded back support in these belts is designed to take up shocks and pressure, in doing so helps the lifters handle weights at ease with increased comfort and help prevent lower back injuries during heavy weightlifting.

These belts, made of strong and non-stretchy natural leather, have attractive double stitching to enhance durability and performance. X trim Gym Belts also have a natural leather lining for better breathability and moisture absorption. The belts have an anti-corrosive nickel coated stainless steel DOUBLE PRONG buckle with size adjustable holes. These authentic leather powerlifting belts are best suited for weightlifting and general fitness purposes. These belts can be used by both men and women.


Belt with Steel Roller Buckle 6″ INCHES Durable Stabilizing Back Support for Heavy Lifting



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