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Xtrim Padded Weight Belt

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Xtrim range of Synthetic belts provides stronger, longer lasting support for quick, easy adjustments. Belt features an extra wide 6-inch closed cell foam belt with a 2-inch support strap overlay for maximum lower back and abdominal protection during heavy lifting. The weight belt is designed with wider ends to provide optimal abdominal support, while the narrow sides fit naturally around the side of your body to minimize rubbing against the rib cage. The flexible but lightweight foam core surrounded by abrasion-resistant nylon supports the back while maintaining muscle warmth. Breathable plush tricot lining for bare skin comfort, even during the craziest workouts. The heavy gauge steel roller buckle makes tensioning easy, and the plush tricot lining is comfortable against the skin. Industrial strength reinforced stitching to last you longer. You will want at least one of these belts because they are adjustable, durable, and flexible.


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